Composting on Your Table Top, A Step By Step Guide to Small Scale Home Composting

Here's a handy way to stash some composting. You start by trimming down a standard brown bag. 
Layer the bottom with the excess from the bag. Then you're ready to stash some goodies. Of course if it's wet you can use a plastic liner, or just go straight the compost. 

We're happy to sharing updates on the "#VoteEarth Mini" from our "10 Compost Project" Campaign again. Hopefully we'll be able to send a few of these out. Contact if you're interested, or text 949-297-6068.

Still this is a great option for a bunch of situations, and you get the benefit of adding nutritious paper products to your compost and watch them enrich your pile over the next 4-6 weeks of their decomposition.

If you don't have your own compost, start one or find a garden nearby that will accept your drop offs!



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